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Pilot Licenses & Ratings: 

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                    Class            Medical Waivers  

Type of License & Ratings:
Student         Private        Commercial            ATP    Rotorwing 
Instrument     Multi-Engine Land     Multi-Engine Sea     Seaplane   

Type Ratings  

              Date of Last Biennial Review      
Date of Last Instrument Competency  

Other Recurrent training (FAA Wings Program, etc.)

Flight Experience: 

            Total Logged Time         Hours in Model  

Hours in Retractable Gear            Hours in Multi-Engine  

             Hours in Tailwheel     Hours in Sea Plane/Glider  

     Hours in Turbo Prop     Hours in Turbo Jet  

Hours in Single-Engine Sea    Hours in Multi-Engine Sea  

Hours in Rotorwing TNB    Hours in Rotorwing Piston

Factory Schools Attended (5 dates and for which aircraft): 

Have you ever had or been involved in any aircraft accidents or incidents?  No    Yes 
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Have you ever had your FAA Pilots Licenese Suspended or Revoked?   No    Yes 
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Have you ever had your drivers license suspended or revoked?   No     Yes    

Have you ever been convicted of a DUI or DWI, or illegal drugs?  No     Yes  
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I certify that the statements in this form are true and complete to he best of my knowledge and thet no material informatopn has been witheld or suppressed. 

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